It's Mr.Sprinkles!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baker's Market 2010!

Up bright and early with Dan and my sister Britt getting the table ready for the baker's market!

The edible dinosaurs sold out immediately! Tiny cake dinosaurs with chocolate rocks and a label on the back where you could name your own dinosaur! I also sold out of the mini ovens that came complete with a 1/2 dozen cookies! Butterfinger cookies and chocolate chip. Mmmm!

I'm happy to say that we sold most of the dog treats and raised $70 for carried through rescue. Thanks to Carrie for coming out and providing information for adoption!

Yes, those are cake pops, but I decided to call them baby cakes! I made golden cake with chocolcate frosting, dipped in chocolate and the festive halloween ones are carrot cake with cream cheese icing, dipped in vanilla orange chocolate. Are those burgers, fries, pies and picnic cupcakes? You bet! It was a chance to really be creative and try something different!

Oh! Look who it is! Mr.Sprinkles came along to promote deliciousness! Thanks Britt for the little guy!

Free samples were gobbled and enjoyed by all! I had soo much fun and really enjoyed meeting lots of people!

Mini cupcake samples tumbling out of my little oven! And free cookie samples!

The table cloth is courtesy of my fabulous mom, dad and sister.  A joint effort built by them for my birthday this year!

Thank you soooo much to everyone that came out for your support! I had a great time and I hope you did too!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is Kody! My boyfriend, Dan, and I, adopted her in April from a lovely rescue called Carried Through Animal Rescue and Education.  Check out their website! Carrie Corbett is the amazing person that arranged the adoption and has many more cats and dogs that need loving homes.

Saturday, October 23 at the Vancouver Baker's market, I will be there selling baked goodies and giving away free samples.  I am also selling some peanut butter dog treats, at a minimum donation of $5 a bag.  All the proceeds from the dog treats will be donated to their vet, the Burnaby New Westminster Veterinary Clinic.  Your donations and generosity is greatly appreciated! Carrie will also be there with information on adoption and the work that they do.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whoopie for Mickey!

I've been dying to try a recipe for Whoopie pies, so I used my friend's birthday as the excuse! Not that I ever need an excuse for baking.

My mom and dad found a Wilton pan with mini Mickey faces! I made a devil's food cake for the pie part and sliced their faces to make the sammich part.

I made a standard marshmallow filling with icing sugar, butter, vanilla and marshmallow goo.  I spread the gooey concoction on the inside of his face then placed the top part of his face, creating delicious-ness!

Voila! Mickey Whoopie Pies! Soooo good!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cookie Bible recipe #1

One of the best cookie recipe books, I vow to try every recipe at least once! I picked peanut butter chip cookies.  It turns out I didn't have enough butter or cocoa, so I used shortening and chocolate chips, as well as peanut butter chips.

So, everything is going along swimmingly and the creamed mixture looks like it should...

And the flour mixture is sifted and ready to add gradually to the creamed mixture....

The dough is the right texture, but way too light because of the shortening. So, what do I do? Bake 'em anyway. 

Ready to go little guys!

I soon discover the importance of butter! They taste ok, but they are quite crunchy, (I like a softer cookie when they are homemade) and really light.  They also spread more than cookies with butter, because I even flatten these guys before they went in.  I've made dozens upon dozens of cookies, but this is what happens when you try to defy butter and all its glory! They're good for making ice cream sandwiches, because they won't get soggy too quickly.  There's always an upside! :) Happy Baking!

I'm on the fence.... cake or pie? For today, it's pie

Remember the apple pie pops from last week? Well, not to be one to waste, I made apple pie this Sunday for Monday Night Football dessert.  Accompanied by some butterscotch ice cream.  This is my first pie, so let's hope it tastes good!

 So that's why the apples are tiny little chunks, instead of slices.  When it's chewed, it's all the same!

A nice pastry blanket to cover the apples and some slices in the top for steam to escape.  I just used a fork for the crust.

Ok, apple pie is done and football is on the way!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baker's Market in Vancouver this fall!!!

Saturday October 23rd 2010, Mr.Sprinkles will be at the Baker's Market in Vancouver! This is the second year that I have participated and I'm really excited to try some new things and meet some great people.  I had so much fun last year! I hope to see you all there!

At Home... with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Hello Everyone!  You may remember me from the movie, Ghostbusters.  You may also remember that I exploded at the end of that movie, so how can I be here?  Well, I was acting! Now, let's get busy making some rice krispie squares!

Yummy!  Goopy and melty!

Just a little break for some fun! Juggling some of my relatives here.  I think this is my cousin Susy and cousin Marshall.  They're getting so big!
All right, back to work.  Gotta make sure all the marshmallow is mixed with the rice krispies.  I'm working up a sweat.  I better slow down, or I'll get all sticky.
All right!  Pressed them in the pan, now they're good to go! Voila! Join me again next time when I invite some of my relatives to sit on some yams and bake in the oven! :)  Have a good day everyone!

When all you want is a bite of apple pie.....

Last Saturday, I took a page out of the 3rd edition of Mickey's Gourmet Cookbook and Bakerella and made apple pie pops!  This book has recipes from different restaurants from Disneyland and Disney World.  The apple pie recipe was from Epcot Centre.
Start with a pastry staple, flour, from my trusty bear container.  He used to be the home to some unruly animal crackers, until they were tamed. :) crunch crunch
The recipe called for baking apples, but I love McIntosh apples the best, especially when they don't have that waxy finish on them to take away from their appley goodness.
Little baker man Claude wanted to help!
Get to work, Claude!
Claude prepared a floury surface and we will use the best rolling pin on the planet.  It's a kitchen aid and NOTHING sticks to it!
Ok, the shapes are cut out and sticks in place.
The apples are cut smaller than normal for a regular pie, so they would fit.
They look like little apple pillows!
Let's get baked little guys!
Sooo cute!!! Claude is proud of his hard work.
Now for a little pink ribbon to gussy them up!  Soo delish!

Brownies with Bling!

 I recently received a silicone Brownie pop pan from
my mom and dad and decided to try it out!  The key thing with the pan is to wait until it's cooled down, otherwise you risk smooshing the tops, which I learned the hard way because I'm impatient!

Who knew brownies could be improved upon? :)

I used gummi bears, smarties (blue are back, but I didn't know they left), Reese's Pieces (my favorite) and skor pieces.  It's fun to pull the candy off and munch on the brownie and chocolatey goodness.

I used white and milk chocolate for these little guys.  I found these plates at Value Village.  They say they're from Japan on the bottom.  They're the perfect little dessert plates!