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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crafty Affaire 2011

We had Vanilla Cake pops with snowflake sprinkles on display

The bags of mini sugar cookies and baby gingerbread men were a bit hit! 

There were also mini loaves of gingerbread cake!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Very Lego Christmas

The Christmas tree farm is a bustle of excitement and a pick up game of hockey on the frozen pond has just begun.
"Dude, where did the puck go!?"
Tom and his crew are working hard at the Christmas tree farm this year.

Next door, Santa's workshop has come again to welcome children young and old and to invite them to write a letter or meet with Santa!
"Hello children! I hope you have all been good little boys and girls!"

"This hot chocolate is delightful! I'll bet little Billy would like a cup of this."
"Honey, where is Billy?"

"Yeah!!!! Santa Claus!!!

"Yo dude! Got any palm trees?"
"No, this is a Christmas tree farm!"


"Ok kids! Who's next to see Santa Claus!"

"Arr, we need to get a Christmas tree for our swashbuckling party!! But we spent all our buried treasure on new eye patches and a new hook for me."

"I know! We'll go cut one down at the Christmas tree farm!"

"Unga bunga, we need tree, Twinkly lights! Candy canes!"
"Umm, ok. I can help you with a tree!"

"Listen, keep it down so we don't draw any unwanted attention."
"But you're chopping down a tree with a chain saw! How will that not draw attention!!!"
"Shutty, that's how!!"

"These are not the trees we're looking for."

"Sir! Sir! Those pirates are stealing a Christmas tree! Stop them!!"

"What to go, genius! Now we're in for it!"
"Just grab the tree and let's go!!"

"Whoa! Wait there!! What's this about you stealing a Christmas tree?! That's not really in the spirit of the holiday season."

"We're sorry, Santa."

"Now, you two will have to work with me as elves to work off the debt, then you can have a Christmas tree."

"Yeah!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!"

Jenni and Dan would like to invite you to come to the Crafty Affaire Craft Market December 4th 10-4pm at the Elgin Hall in White Rock! The first 25 customers receive a free swag bag!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baker's Market 2011

Hey Pal! Get your eye off my girlfriend!

 Spiderman Sugar Cookies

Aunt May's Pocket Apple Pies and Krypto's Dog Treats

The Justice League Presents Cake Pops! I think I saw Martian Manhunter sneak a cookie...

Green Goblin's Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Squares

 Thanks to everyone that came out for support and treats!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can't Make it to Baker's Market?

I'm participating in the White Rock Holiday Craft Market, Crafty Affaire! It is being held at Elgin Hall 14250 Crescent Road. Please click on the link for more information!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sneak Peak at the 2011 Vancouver Baker's Market

"I heard that those goody two-shoes so-called 'heroes' are holding a bake sale October 29th in Vancouver at the Moberly Arts Centre. Those fools will be so distracted, we will be able to organize together in an allliance and plan something big!"

The villains of Gotham have put aside their differences and decided to work together in order to defeat The Batman, as well as Robin and Nightwing. They plan on taking over the city of Gotham!

"Oh, Oswald, you and your plans of evil! Why can't we concentrate on things like making sure future generations have beautiful parks and gardens to enjoy? My leafy friends are suffocating in this filthy city and I'm sure Kitty Cat will agree with me; no one cares about the creatures and plants that can't speak for themselves."

"You sound a little preachy there, Queen of Green. I agree with Bird Brain, we need to go big! We gotta show Bats who runs the show. Hey, Scarecrow! Got any ideas on how to achieve this?"

"Well, I didn't escape from Arkham to save plants and cats, ladies. I think we should sabotage the bake sale somehow!"

"Brilliant! We could use some snacks for our meetings and maybe steal some tea from the Queen! Geez... we have a group of the most infamous villians and you want steal cakes and cookies! BIGGER!!"

The Batman caught wind of their meeting and infiltrates their secret hideout. 

"C'mon man! I wanna get in their and kick their keisters to kingdom come! I'm done listening to these clowns!"

"Quiet, you two!"

"Hey! Shh... did you guys hear something? I have a feeling we're being watched..."

"Well whoever it is, they better come out and fight!! I'm ready for them!

"Cool yer jets Big Bad Harv. Let's first enjoy this delicious cream pie that Scarecrow stole from the bake sale stash! I have to admit, I'm beginning to warm up to the idea of destroying their half-baked market!! Muhahahaha!!!"

"AHHH!! The Batman and his merry band of men! Here to wreck our fun!!!"

"Well, Cheers to you Mr.J! Foiled again by a giant rodent in a cape!"

"Get back here, Joker!"
"You'll have to catch me and my cream pie first, Bats!!!"

To Be Continued....

To find out more about the Baker's Market, please visit or come visit me at the Baker's Market, Saturday October 29th, 2011!  
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