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Friday, September 10, 2010

Brownies with Bling!

 I recently received a silicone Brownie pop pan from
my mom and dad and decided to try it out!  The key thing with the pan is to wait until it's cooled down, otherwise you risk smooshing the tops, which I learned the hard way because I'm impatient!

Who knew brownies could be improved upon? :)

I used gummi bears, smarties (blue are back, but I didn't know they left), Reese's Pieces (my favorite) and skor pieces.  It's fun to pull the candy off and munch on the brownie and chocolatey goodness.

I used white and milk chocolate for these little guys.  I found these plates at Value Village.  They say they're from Japan on the bottom.  They're the perfect little dessert plates!

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