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Monday, September 13, 2010

Cookie Bible recipe #1

One of the best cookie recipe books, I vow to try every recipe at least once! I picked peanut butter chip cookies.  It turns out I didn't have enough butter or cocoa, so I used shortening and chocolate chips, as well as peanut butter chips.

So, everything is going along swimmingly and the creamed mixture looks like it should...

And the flour mixture is sifted and ready to add gradually to the creamed mixture....

The dough is the right texture, but way too light because of the shortening. So, what do I do? Bake 'em anyway. 

Ready to go little guys!

I soon discover the importance of butter! They taste ok, but they are quite crunchy, (I like a softer cookie when they are homemade) and really light.  They also spread more than cookies with butter, because I even flatten these guys before they went in.  I've made dozens upon dozens of cookies, but this is what happens when you try to defy butter and all its glory! They're good for making ice cream sandwiches, because they won't get soggy too quickly.  There's always an upside! :) Happy Baking!

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