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Friday, September 10, 2010

When all you want is a bite of apple pie.....

Last Saturday, I took a page out of the 3rd edition of Mickey's Gourmet Cookbook and Bakerella and made apple pie pops!  This book has recipes from different restaurants from Disneyland and Disney World.  The apple pie recipe was from Epcot Centre.
Start with a pastry staple, flour, from my trusty bear container.  He used to be the home to some unruly animal crackers, until they were tamed. :) crunch crunch
The recipe called for baking apples, but I love McIntosh apples the best, especially when they don't have that waxy finish on them to take away from their appley goodness.
Little baker man Claude wanted to help!
Get to work, Claude!
Claude prepared a floury surface and we will use the best rolling pin on the planet.  It's a kitchen aid and NOTHING sticks to it!
Ok, the shapes are cut out and sticks in place.
The apples are cut smaller than normal for a regular pie, so they would fit.
They look like little apple pillows!
Let's get baked little guys!
Sooo cute!!! Claude is proud of his hard work.
Now for a little pink ribbon to gussy them up!  Soo delish!

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