It's Mr.Sprinkles!

Friday, September 10, 2010

At Home... with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Hello Everyone!  You may remember me from the movie, Ghostbusters.  You may also remember that I exploded at the end of that movie, so how can I be here?  Well, I was acting! Now, let's get busy making some rice krispie squares!

Yummy!  Goopy and melty!

Just a little break for some fun! Juggling some of my relatives here.  I think this is my cousin Susy and cousin Marshall.  They're getting so big!
All right, back to work.  Gotta make sure all the marshmallow is mixed with the rice krispies.  I'm working up a sweat.  I better slow down, or I'll get all sticky.
All right!  Pressed them in the pan, now they're good to go! Voila! Join me again next time when I invite some of my relatives to sit on some yams and bake in the oven! :)  Have a good day everyone!

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